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Growth Guarantee

Why settle for goals when you can have a guarantee

Just participate in and follow the guidance within our time-tested GrowthLine program, and we guarantee you’ll achieve at least 38% more growth than your peers. If you don’t, we’ll refund your affiliation fees.

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How it works

The program employs a holistic suite of services carefully developed to enhance your digital presence, creating an elevated brand experience to generate new business and drive growth through multiple levers. We’ll create a custom growth plan for you and guide you every step of the way.

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Why it works

The Growth Guarantee is built around an analysis-driven calculus which has shown that for businesses committed to growth, pulling each of these levers in an orchestrated sequence can have a multiplier effect on their success.

Let us help you solve for growth

Whether you’re looking to grow organically or through hiring or acquisition, we can help you do it with unprecedented confidence. Use the form below to set up time to talk with one of our Business Development Specialists and learn what the Growth Guarantee can do for your business.


Terms and Conditions

If you join a broker-dealer and registered investment adviser affiliated with Cetera Financial Group, Inc. (a “Cetera Company”) and participate in our GrowthLine program, and do not grow your assets under administration at least 38% faster than your peer group during the year following the latter of the date you complete the program or your four month affiliation anniversary (the “Measurement Period”), then the Cetera Company will refund your affiliation fees for that year, up to $2,400, upon your request (the “Growth Guarantee”).

Your “Peer Group” includes all individuals who registered with a Cetera Company before 2020 and remained registered throughout the Measurement Period and who had verified assets under administration exceeding $20,000,000 at the beginning of the Measurement Period. The GrowthLine Program is a marketing program and does not improve your clients’ account performance or provide investment advice. The calculated growth rate against the peer group is measured without market adjustment during the Measurement Period for purposes of the Growth Guarantee.

The Growth Guarantee is only available to the primary principal of new affiliates of a Cetera Company that have reviewed the Growth Guarantee terms and conditions and have completed all aspects of the GrowthLine program within six months of affiliation. The Growth Guarantee is limited to one primary principal from each newly affiliating group of advisors joining as a team. Refund requests must be received within 90 days of the expiration of the Measurement Period. Affiliation Fees will be refunded within four weeks of a valid refund request along with supporting documentation. No other charges, expenses or market losses will be refunded. The Growth Guarantee does not modify or alter the terms and conditions of any agreements between you and a Cetera Company and/or affiliate. You are not eligible for the Growth Guarantee if you are an existing affiliated advisor with Cetera, if you’re a new affiliate to Cetera and did not pay an affiliation fee, if your affiliation is a result of a merger or acquisition, and if you have an outside registered investment adviser firm. Other restrictions may apply. Cetera reserves the right to change or terminate the Growth Guarantee at any time.

For more information about the Affiliation Fees, please contact your Growth Officer or Relationship Manager.