Enriching our communities with longstanding influence.

Celebrating across countries and cultures

From September 15 – October 15, we honor the diverse Hispanic and Latino individuals and their communities in appreciation for their important contributions to, and influence on, our country. We are indebted to the rich heritages shared by Spain, Mexico, South and Central America, and the Caribbean.

Expanding representation benefits everyone

Cetera is intentional about creating an inclusive work environment where team members are empowered to showcase their talents and cultures. Embracing unique perspectives is fundamental to building an organization that supports and enables everyone to learn, share, and grow together.

Collage AAPI Heritage Month
AAPI Heritage Month

Deepening influence and connections

Cetera’s Community for Latin American Retention and Outreach (CLARO) drives financial inclusion through internal events, community outreach, and topical discussions across our many cultures.

Building on inspiration

There are countless stories of influential Hispanic and Latino individuals whose ideas and efforts created a better nation for us all. Nuestra America from the Smithsonian Latino Museum captures 30 of them—ready to inspire countless more to come.

AAPI Heritage Month