A Firm as Individual as You

As a tax and accounting professional who has integrated or is looking to integrate wealth management into your practice, you deserve a firm focused exclusively on businesses like yours.

Advice that Paves a Personalized Path to Financial Success

Your advisor’s top priority is helping you meet your financial goals. Our top priority is delivering everything he or she needs to do it.

We Share Your Vision

You have a broader perspective on your clients' financial pictures. It's a difference that gives you an insight well beyond that of most financial advisors. We believe that no one is better positioned than you to guide your clients toward meeting their financial goals.

Our specialized team will help you elevate and broaden your services, maximize your enterprise value, and deliver all the tools and services you need to build the firm you want the way you want.

We share your vision of the ideal business model to deliver wealth management solutions. Put our strengths to work for growing your practice.

Some People Have a Plan for the Future. You Have a Team for It.

Your relationship with your advisor is an essential part of your long-term financial well-being. It’s the context in which your vision for your future becomes your action plan for today. That’s why we make supporting and strengthening that relationship our top priority.

Behind that relationship are the 1,650 men and women of Cetera Financial Group and its affiliated firms, comprising a multitude of teams putting their collective wisdom to work for you, your advisor, and your future. With no quotas and no proprietary products to sell, we don’t tell your advisor what to do—we simply provide the resources that make it easier to get it done. It’s one of the many reasons why your advisor has chosen Cetera Financial Specialists to provide the objective advice to help find the right opportunities for you.