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Cetera as Seen by Dean Packard

It’s our business. We wanted a partner who felt that way, too.

If you care about defining your business on your terms, that takes Cetera

When it comes to helping you build the business you want, your firm should have all the answers. But when it comes to how your business is run, it should only have to answer to you.

Home Cetera as Seen by Dean Packard

“What we’ve found at Cetera exceeded our expectations. They’ve helped us create a world-class experience for each of our clients. There’s nothing we want to do that we can’t do at least as well as any firm we’ve ever been at—in many cases, even better.” Dean PackardCEO
Harvest Wealth

Big that never feels too big

Size matters—but only to the point there’s a foundation of service and culture to support it. Cetera’s service ethos of excellence and personalization makes big feel small, but never like less—even if you’re coming from one of the largest, most respected firms in the business.

Purpose-built to create a better tomorrow
A compelling cultural fit

State-of-the-art tech as good as anything on Wall Street

If it feels like Cetera’s tech is built just for you, that’s because it is. Cetera took direct action on our input and insight to optimize their fit for us. In fact, the feedback of all their financial professionals is elemental to the creation and perpetual evolution of their entire solution suite, including the MMI/Barron’s Wealth Manager Platform of the Year*, My Advice Architect®.

A personal touch

The primary reason we chose Cetera was the people. Their goal is to help every financial professional build the firm they want, and the team at Cetera has shown us time and again they walk the walk. When the CEO is working directly with you to ensure you’re satisfied, you know you’re at a special and unique place.

Purpose-built to create a better tomorrow

When the fit is right, you can feel it

And you can see it—on the faces of your team and your clients. We’re glad we made the switch to Cetera, but only you can decide if it’s right for you. Use the form below to set up time to talk with one of their Business Development Specialists. I think once you do, you’ll come to the same conclusion we did—Cetera is the answer.

* My Advice Architect was awarded the 2023 MMI/Barron’s Industry Award for Wealth Manager Platform of the Year.