Exploring diverse cultures and homelands.

Learning and reflecting

Learning about and recognizing Native Americans’ homelands and heritage is essential to understanding the full history of our nation. We’re observing this Native American Heritage Month by acknowledging the significance of American Indian and Alaska Native history and tribal lands.

Land acknowledgement

Cetera's headquarters in San Diego is built on the unceded ancestral lands of the Kumeyaay Nation. The Kumeyaay people live among us occupying parts of their ancestral homeland and enriching our community with their traditions, language and culture. We acknowledge their presence and contributions to our region with respect and thanks.

Collage AAPI Heritage Month
AAPI Heritage Month

Deepening understanding

Join us as we honor the hundreds of cultures that continue the rich tapestry of the American Indian and Alaska Native peoples and reflect on tribal lands that are deeply a part of Indigenous heritage. Explore the Indigenous inhabitants of the land where you live using this interactive map.

Celebrating rich heritage

Discover and learn about Native Americans’ tribes, culture, homelands, and heritage via The Smithsonian’s comprehensive resources and land acknowlegement guidance.

AAPI Heritage Month