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Advanced Time Segmentation

Solve the retirement income challenge.

A systemized solution clients will love

Create personalized retirement roadmaps at scale with the research-based approach of Advanced Time Segmentation (ATS). Show clients how you can match their assets with their retirement income needs using a process they’ll understand.

Business man on computer looking at charts for retirement planning

Designed to be spent down over five to seven years and buy time for the Future Income segment to grow.

Bridges the Immediate Income and Long-Term Growth segments to provide additional time for a client’s long-term investments to grow.

While the first two segments have provided short- and mid-term income, this segment is designed to grow untouched for several years and is calculated to address risk.

For conservative clients or those who believe they have a long life expectancy, this segment offers guaranteed inflation-adjusted income for life.

Designed to provide supplemental income and growth for the portfolio over the long-term, this segment can include alternative investments.

Grow your business with ATS

“Advanced Time Segmentation has changed my practice, giving my clients the confidence to transfer more assets and provide more referrals.”

Steve Oliver

Steve Oliver

Manhattan Ridge Advisors

“My acquisition ratio has increased dramatically. My clients can now understand the importance of me managing their whole portfolio, not just a portion of it.”

Christopher Quebedeau

Christopher Quebedeau

Cetera Advisors

“I get a new referral nearly every week from a client impressed by the scenario I created for them using Advanced Time Segmentation.”

Brenda Hotaling

Brenda Hotaling

Cetera Investors


Strengthen clients’ confidence in their future

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